1 World’s partner schools are already helping to provide a transformational education in high-risk communities around the globe and radically changing both the educational approach and outcomes for students.

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Our schools are inspired by high-performing charter networks in the United States, such as KIPP and Uncommon Schools, and are on the pathway to becoming proof points in their communities. Since our launch in 2013, 1 World has launched 16 schools across 6 countries, as well as 3 Leadership Institutes to train and develop future school leaders to transform education.

Our schools are:

  • Cultivating a community of practice composed of best-in-class educators from the U.S. and across the globe working together towards educational outcomes for all children
  • Growing and serving over 1,900 high-risk children and their families
  • Cross-pollinating & partnering with leaders at the local level committed to building enduring schools