Delivering a universal, quality education is still a difficulty for Mexico.

A shortage of trained teachers, a fractured infrastructure, a centralized school system that struggles to reach remote populations, and a lack of laws promoting school choice for families have contributed to an educational environment of great disparity. Demography still defines destiny for most children in Mexico, a country where 20% of 15-29 year olds are neither employed nor receiving education.

Mexico is in great need of high-performing schools that are accessible to everyone regardless of their socioeconomic status. World-class professional development for teachers and school leaders is a key to building those schools of excellence. Mexico’s children deserve choice, opportunity and access as well as the promise of a better tomorrow, all of which can be achieved through transformational improvements to the educational system.

Our Goals

In Mexico, 1 World is growing a network of transformational schools, with 7 at this moment and plans to double that number in the next 4 years. In order to move our work and vision in the country forward, 1 World aims to:

  • Train school leaders to launch 2-3 additional transformational schools in 2017
  • Launch SER, our Mexican partner and umbrella organization to our 8 schools
  • Design and implement the plan for Instituto de Liderazgo SER (ILS)​ in 2017 and invite future school leaders from outside of the 1 World network to participate
  • Continue supporting and coaching leaders from the network across Mexico as we grow and work towards having a proof point school in each state in the country
  • Expand network of funders in Mexico and the United States
  • Contribute to an environment of school choice for all families in Mexico, with a particular focus on high-risk communities