With less than 60% of children in low-income districts attending primary school, demography still defines destiny for Indonesia's children


Indonesia continues to struggle with providing access to quality education, performance on international standardized tests of student performance, low enrollment rates for secondary education – there are 170,000 primary schools in the country vs. just 26,000 high school – and the allocation of government spending on education.

The education system in Indonesia is in dire need of competitive, high quality proof-point schools that are accessible to all children, regardless of their socioeconomic status, especially at the secondary level. Schools that focus on character and leadership development and offer a blended learning curriculum that incorporates 21st century skills are of particular importance to improving the quality of education and building a better tomorrow for Indonesians.

Our Goals

In order to move our work with the Putera Sampoerna Foundation forward and elevate the quality of education in Indonesia to a place where it can evoke social transformation, 1 World aims to:

  • Support the expansion of the Sampoerna School System into a K-University school system
  • Bring progressive, international best practices from top U.S. charter schools to the Sampoerna School System Create to create proof-point schools
  • The proof-point schools will provide transformational education to their students, prove the possible to leaders across sectors in Indonesia, and help launch an environment of school choice in Indonesia leading to more and more options for children across SES levels


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of Indonesian children do not attend high school