The education system in India is not working for the students and families who need it the most. There is a huge need for system improvements, specifically in the public/private partnership schools, and for disseminating professional development and best practices to existing school leaders and teachers.


India’s current population is over 1.2 billion people and the fact that 58% of its children do not complete primary schools means over 35 million of today’s children will never be educated beyond the elementary level. In addition, demography still plays a huge role in determining a child’s educational opportunities. The gap between educational achievements of children in low-income communities vs. high-income communities remains staggeringly large.

Our Goals

What are the goals of 1 World’s partnerships in India for FY16 and beyond? In order to move our work and vision in India forward, 1 World aims to:

  • Complete the design and implementation of a growth strategy that will focus on providing best-in-class training to as many existing school leaders in the affordable, private school space as possible in target cities across India. The training and coaching will include modules of professional development led by expert trainers in the 1 World network
  • Expand the circle of prospective funders and partners from both India and the United States


For more information on our work in India, contact Sunita Arora:


of Indian children do not complete primary school