Inequality in Chile’s education system is an enormous problem for the country and access to quality schools is very limited for those from low-income communities.

The distribution of wealth in Chile is one of the most unequal in the world. Out of all developed countries, Chile has the highest level of income inequality and unfortunately this translates into extreme education inequality as well. In fact, 40% of spending on education in Chile comes from private sources – mostly high-income households – which means that educational opportunities are still largely defined by demography and socioeconomic status for Chileans. However, this can change through the creation of a network of transformational, proof point schools that provide a quality education that is accessible to all students, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Our Goals

In order to move our work and vision in Chile forward, 1 World aims to continue to strengthen our robust partnerships with CREE, Mustakis, and Aptus:

  • 1 World will continue to provide the customized coaching and support to the first CREE School, which launched in early 2016, to ensure its successful trajectory towards becoming a transformational, proof point school. In addition, 1 World and CREE are strongly committed to opening up a network of transformational schools across the country and we will continue to provide ongoing training, tools and resources to make this network vision a reality
  • 1 World collaborated with Aptus to launch the Programa de Formacion de Lideres Instruccionales (PFLI), a school-based leadership training institute, to train high performing leaders and develop best-in-class candidates for other school leadership positions to help build organizational capacity


For more information on our work in Chile, contact Lizette B. Suxo:


of Chileans who complete 8th grade do not comprehend what they read.